Get to Know Us–Garry Price

Tealhaus DesignElite 2023 150 - Get to Know Us--Garry Price

Garry earned his B.S. in Architecture from Clemson University and is a Registered Architect with The American Institute of Architects. He worked and studied under the guidance of several prominent architects in both New Jersey and South Carolina. Upon finishing his degree at Clemson University, he began his career as a Project Architect for Fluor Corporation, specializing in industrial architecture and research projects. But his love for residential architecture pushed him to founding Design Elite in 1991.


  1. What is your favorite style of house to design?

“I feel that the Arts and Crafts period had some of the best expression for residential design aesthetics. Call it Mission, Bungalow, or Prairie they were all reflecting a new organic direction to residential living. It has a profound influence on how I incorporate the human component to today’s styles.”

  1. What would YOUR dream house be like?

“I’m fortunate to live in my dream house. It was the culmination of several ideas while traveling here and abroad. It has served me and my wife, Teri, for the last 16 years, and is also an aging in place option for us moving forward. The home gives us daily inspiration as well as utilizing natural light and functional criteria.”

  1. Is there a trend in design that you are ready to be over?

“Not so much a particular trend, but for quite a while it seemed most new neighborhoods had some sort of “theme”—where all of the houses were the same style. Neighborhoods that have a blend of styles feel more timeless and authentic.”

  1. What’s one feature you think no home should be without?

“Until fairly recently, no one considered their pets in the design of their home. We have a large dog, and wish we had included an area for her. We’re frequently including dog showers, built-in kennels, and pet feeding areas now.”

  1. Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself.

“I inherited the collecting bug as a child and now I have focused on a love for Asian porcelain, wood carvings, and other art that interests me. My mother, who was an artist and antique dealer, would take me along on her flea market journeys. It instilled my interest in multi-cultural expression.”

  1. What’s the best part about living in South Carolina?

“This area has a real pull on my heart. After going to Clemson for my degree, I felt a sense of belonging to a community here. It was ironically similar to the area of New Jersey where I grew up—beautiful with produce and horse farms. And while I’ll always have a special place for the Jersey Shore, I’ve come to love Hilton Head Island since moving to South Carolina.”

  1. Whats the biggest change you’ve seen in design over your career?

“What we have experienced here in the last several years has transformed the world of architecture in Greenville. We have been a conservative region for most of my career. Social media, combined with our becoming a destination, has made it possible to explore a new vision for architecture. Very exciting time for our area!”

  1. What is your favorite part of your job?

“The interactions with so many families looking for a new lifestyle is the most satisfying part of my work. COVID served as a catalyst to exploring a future purpose for many individuals. Social media has allowed the population to reflect on new styles and visual interpretations of design. We love helping clients express their vision and needs.”