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At Design Elite, we’re exhilarated by the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Every home we design eclipses expectations, creating a unique aura of individuality and sparking profound connections.
As a leader in architectural innovation in Upstate South Carolina, Design Elite is synonymous with luxury and elegance.
Dive into a realm where architecture meets passion.

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The Cliffs at Glassy


Lake Keowee


Lake Keowee

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We turn architectural visions into reality. Learn more about our three-phase process to discover how we meticulously manage each project from inception to completion.
Every design we craft marries innovation with luxury, creating more than just spaces but living testaments to quality and elegance. With Design Elite, you are investing in a lasting legacy of unparalleled design brilliance.
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The Design Elite Team is wonderful to work with! From the original concept of our dream home to the drawings, construction and selection of floors, doors, walls, and lighting…they do it all! Garry and Brandon work together seamlessly to offer ideas, share samples, pick colors/textures, and find services and products to fit your budget and your imagination. They are very talented, versatile, and can ideate from your point of view. These are amazing folks and we highly recommend them.

– Shawn