Modern Luxury Meets Lakeside Charm on Lake Keowee

Nestled in one of the earliest subdivisions along Lake Keowee in Seneca, South Carolina, this property was chosen for its untapped potential and breathtaking lake views. The original structure, though dated, held the promise of transformation. With a small kitchen, limited connection to the stunning lakeside environment, and missing modern amenities, it was ripe for a complete overhaul.

Reimagined as a family retreat, the renovation saw the creation of multiple luxurious bedroom suites, including an addition above the new garage. The transformation was extensive, retaining only a fraction of the original structure. Inside, we redefined the space with an open floor plan, expanding the footprint to accommodate lavish, hotel-like bedrooms, expansive outdoor living areas, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Highlights of this reinvention include the “lake room,” a versatile indoor-outdoor space perfect for summer gatherings, the creative use of wallpaper adding character to the interiors, and the striking kitchen adorned with walnut features and an elegant metal range hood.
This home is now a true embodiment of modern luxury, harmoniously integrated into the serene lakeside setting of Lake Keowee.

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