Our Architectural Design Services

The path an architect follows in turning a dream into reality is paved with stepping stones known as Design Phases. Each step through these Phases progressively reveals the next level until the project reaches completion. Different types of projects will include various elements of the whole spectrum, but they all follow the same basic steps. Below is a listing of the typical Phases, with some examples of what takes place within each.

  1. Schematic Design Phase: Site Analysis; Site Development; Zoning Processing; Preliminary Site; Floor Plan & Elevation Concepts; Program vs. Budget Analysis; Facility Survey; Evaluation
  2. Design Development Phase: Developed Site, Floor Plan & Elevation Concepts; Space Planning; Scale Model; Rendering
  3. Contract Document Phase: Final Construction Plans; Specifications
  4. Bidding & Negotiation Phase: Bid Documents; Contractor Evaluation & Selection; Bid Evaluation; Construction Contracts
  5. Construction Administration Phase: Construction Observation & Inspection; Submittals Review; Change Order Processing; Approval of Pay Applications; Project Close-Out


Full Service:

Full Service contracts typically include: Site Plan Analysis; Foundation Plan; Framing Plans with Structural Analysis; Floor Plans; Roof Plan; Exterior Elevations; Cross-Sections and Details; Plumbing Plans; HVAC Plans; Electrical Plans; Specifications; Construction Administration. This service is offered with or without builder involvement.

Additional Services:

Bid Coordination & Plan Distribution; Approval of Pay Applications; Interior Design; Model of Home & Site; Rendering


This service is offered if we work in conjunction with a builder with whom we have experience to allow for builder interaction and preliminary pricing during design development. This approach typically provides the client and the builder with: Floor Plans; Roof Plan; Exterior Elevations; Site Plan; Two site visits.

Additional services:

Electrical Plans; Limited Construction Administration and Advice; Specific Details; 3D Exterior Sketchup Model; Rendering